Rituals and show dogs

A few years ago, when I thought that there was really a selection…I even remember asking (..) why the points system that was created a century or more ago was not used anymore. …and then I woke up. Today, is the BIG club specialty show. There are 2 additional shows this weekend, so dogs can become great show champions  rapidly! All conditions are there. Right judges for the cause are selected( yes, there is a selection, but not the one you think)..and winners can be predicted who will take their trophies with that “suprised, oh me” smile on their face. This evening we ought to get all the feedback along with the information about their “apéritif to chitchat about the Barbet” which the pdt said we would have a full report even if we are not members. Speaking of members, it appears less and less owners are members..just can’t imagine why. Anyway, looking forward to the results, eh. Knowing the pedigree of the judges, it’s going to be easy!famousdom