Interesting you said that..

The bad things they did to you.

The other day..on a social network, something came up about nastiness in the world and the generic response was “it would be so nice if people got along”.

So, I responded that it would be just nice if just the people in the Barbet world got along..(haha).

My mind wandered on to thinking about a top 10 list of nasties and had a hard time squeezing the offenders in. Trying to condense by country, and ones still alive, was not easy so I tried re-grouping names of countries ( or nicknames)..Here goes!

  1. Anyone close  to the breed in France..(4?)
  2. Several in Swissland: no need to mention the name(s) (1/2).
  3. A couple in the uk, not necessarily meaning that but 2/3.
  4. Little size nasties in Quebec/Canada (2). Small people are often worse than any others.
  5. Narrowing it down, I have space available for 1 in Sweden, even if I am thinking of more.

You see, we’re already at 10..Not even mentionning the US.

Maybe I should count clubs? They alone have done more damage together, individually to the breed than any individual working on his own.

You wonder why the breed is a mess? Thank you all the breed clubs for the maketing and massacre. People are finally waking up to what I have been saying for 15 years…which I will not stop saying even if they don’t like it.