Another slice of Barbet history has departed.

Mrs Sevestre Le Houelleur has passed on.Her father Robert le Houelleur registered the first Barbet LOF 7 Hourie de Floirac in 1933 in France, and without his work and collaboration with Dr Vincenti (Mas de la Chapelle), none of us would have a Barbet today.

MMeLEHI had visited them in Floirac a few years ago,  they were honored we would be interested in what Mr Le Houelleur’s work for the breed  was and entrusted me with their archives and photographs for me to scan. A memorable visit for me and they were pleased to see my dogs and touch them..a bit like the “madeleine de Proust”. Here she is with Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. I think they liked each other and he reminded her of her childhood.

My thoughts are with her spouse and their family on this sad day. Well, only a few weeks ago, through one of her sons, I got a confirmation on a point of history of the Floirac Kennel breeding, for the breed’s historical archives, that I work very hard to maintain along with a few other protagonists in the Barbet world.

For the petite histoire in the grande histoire…

Barbet_Le Houelleur