3 months later


I waited to see if the photos would correspond as I thought they would. Thelma Lou on the left at 3 months of age and Iabada…Badoo on the right. What do you think?

Thelma was born in 2002 and Iabada in 2014. Yes, it takes at least that long to get a return on investment which has nothing to do with making money at all. It takes a lot of believing, trust and friends who believe.

I rapidly took the bandana off Iabada because I was getting real emotional about it when I saw Iabada walk past the window and I was seeing Thelma…who I am sure is always and still here. There I go again….

It gors without saying that Iabada is the daughter of Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco as Thelma is a desecndant of Hercule di Barbochos de Reiau de Prouvenco and she is the only reason I am in this Barbet world.

I think I have made my point?!