February 2019

A litter is planned..in the second semester 2019

The 2017 litter which was a fifth generation litter was a very very nice one. The pups have grown nicely..I need to do it again. Below you can see Grand-pa Compay II, his Grandson Nat-King and Nat-King’s father French Lover (on the right).Iabada will do her best! All my dogs are with me and we wish them well!

Link to 2017 litter:http://www.vieuxbarbetfrancais.com/vieux-barbet-de-france/portee-vieux-barbet-2017/

The irony of it all..

Age 2

GuyGuy who is a real dream dog and a charmer..was branded as it goes when he was young. All unfounded… Well, here we are at almost 13 after being so ill 2 years ago and recovered..each day is a blessing. He sleeps more and more, but eats rather well and has his daily walk which tires him a lot.


The only medication he has is one to make the air circulate in his brain and regularly milk thistle. He is a happy dog and a fighter and still top dog in the household.He is smiling at the camera..as he does! We managed to give him a bath and I think he is happy about it.Life goes on.

What you see and what you get?

Now what? Funny you should ask..

1. You know what you get
All dog breeds have their typical features, strengths and weaknesses.  When you buy a breed dog you have the opportunity to choose a breed that suits you and your life, whether you want to compete in agility, hunt or just take lovely walks. The more knowledge you have about the dog breed you choose, the greater the probability that you and your dog will thrive together – you have over 300 breeds to choose from!

Well. You want a pup? No problem. The Barbet having a mega identification problem, when I see public dispays of dogs so out of standard a new breed is created,do I speak up, or shut up?? ( I know, don’t tell me..but I cannot)..or I continue to tell people to be aware of who is who and what is what. It is catching on, but it’s not easy. You go to a Kennel club page and look for information..fine, perfect. Yes, that’s the dog you want. For example, this one, which is a just about perfect Barbet…VIEUX BARBET!


Then you are shown this cover as “owow” a working Barbet…cherchez l’erreur..Are you sure? It has nothing to do with the breed standard I just saw. No, of course not.


Misleading information about how the breed looks, to start, is perpetrated by breed clubs..and not generally by National Kennel Clubs.  Clubs are consulted when an article is written..Never mind the idea of socutesonice “work”, promoted by some clubs which has nothing to do with the hunting ability of the breed..but promoting the play on words is not very happy.. , let’s say. How exciting to have an article written..You should be soo happy about it! An act of kindness, so be kind.. (??)What great promotion…

So, you go a bit further and hum. Keep in mind I am the only person who speaks up PUBLICLY about what some breeders are doing to the breed…Not easy, because they have an armada of minions who alert them on the slightest faux pas  so they can go to the rescue of said breeder(s).As recently.

What do you mean my dog is not a Barbet? It says so on the pedigree”..oh, ok. Well, then..

MY problem is..I am regularly contacted by people who want a Barbet. “Perfect dog. I read about it on internet.I saw one in the street and I want one”..Imagine..it happens all the time and you have to explain this and that and try to not spend an hour explaining what some have done to the breed. The picture being the thousand words.

A Poodle with a nice coat. Wooly and curly.

Frosting on the cake..turn the page of the magazine and you see a real Poodle with the exact same morphology as the barbet on the page before ( not so thin) and even the exact same color..except this one does have a nice long frizzy/curly coat..shaven nose and same tail ..so the reader now is totally confused.

Mission accomplished.

Bottom line regardless of how cute the article is and how proud the owner is..it’s not representative of the breed barbet overall, at all and it could be just about any cross under the sun. That is not good for a breed.

Even Doodle people don’t shave their dogs like this barbet above..!

I have contacted the people from the magazine to tell them. Of course. This is a really important issue to be aware of or I would not waste time insisting.


Violence, hate and jealousy on social networks..

Since 2011, I have been there and been there. I have never ever promoted a link to those networks, nor advertised selling puppies. I do not tell people I am there.. You can sell and promote anything under the sun and I feel as a non-breeder that is contradictory to my code of ethics. The way some deal with information is extremely frustrating and so is the lack of solidarity, unless it’s to save rescue dogs and promote cute kitten pictures…Many leaders, have been particularly useless people, extremely frustrated  would-be breeders. If they had made proper  breeding choiceschoices, by using their critical thinking skills and doing research…..but did not, and often they hold positions to pour their hate of the breed… and feel the need to shine in public to get even, while others gawk. They do their best to take up space and I suspect, show their frustration. You get a dog for 12? years and if it starts out on the wrong foot, it ain’t gonna get better..unless you dump the dog on someone else. You can’t, so then? You can’t shine ..which is why social networks are the way they are. So be it.  Life is not a socutesonice picture of  life..sadly, it shows in their actions.

Barbet Mamma, Coccolina..

She is now in 1900 pedigrees, nearly half of all Barbets alive, and quite a bit more when you see how she is now on both sides of a pedigree. Amazing..and she just keeps trucking.

Peeling the onion, layer by layer..

Life in the Barbet world, is not a lot of fun. Never has been..In fact it’s all about who badmouths who and when. It’s not at all, nor has it ever been about dogs. Scrtach the surface and you quickly get to the smelly part.Promotion of their own breed and that one has nothing to do with history!

There is an added dimension..and that being many breeders are running out of “new” blood and scraping the bottom of their drawers…using studs who are younger and younger and over and over..and the habitual breeding for color.

Recently, and probably because of the publication of the easy to understand factual history of the breed, Barbet Moderne breeders felt the necessity to launch an attack led by Pontius Pilate,  whose job is to thrash people for money..but never deal with the breed ..mandated by our old totalitarian breeders whose income depends on their sales of a myth, created in 1990 and “threatened with extinction”!

My head always sticking out for facts and truth, was of course the aim of the skud, with a  mission : kindness.. nothing again to do with the dogs..

Sadly, jealousy and envy are doing their best for the breed and time is ticking.

I am a purist, I got to 5 generations of healthy dogs..with the perfect historical type I wanted. http://barbet-frenchwaterdog.com/water-dogs/griffons-and-the-likes/vieux-barbet-or-griffon-barbet/

I was asked many times if I was a breeder. Well, it’s like being bi-cultural. Which do you feel more? Well, it all clicked in my mind and no I am not a breeder. I just want to prove that breeding to obtain proper results as far as type/morphology and temperament, IS do-able when you take the time to evaluate the results, not to compete for sales and to sit back and smell the roses. Now, I am smelling my roses and enjoying them….