January 2, 2019

Misinformed, but not to blame.

The Different Ages of the Barbet

It is very sad when breed clubs are not responsible/feel no responsibility for the information they are fed/ and give out because they do very little, if any ,research themselves.

Then the snowball effect sets in and the general public is misinformed, too. Not a new concept…

The dog above is NOT a Barbet but a Spanish Water dog and it even, incredible but true, looks the same today.

A Barbet New Year feast…

Dog biscuits made with chicken broth from GuyGuy’s chicken..rind from the “saucisson de Lyon”..and some very nice horsemeat steaks.  A souvenir of when I used to come to France and my Mom gave me her wallet to go to the Boucherie chevaline..I even tasted the steak and rather enjoyed it.They certainly did!