September 13, 2018

Oldies in training!

GuyGuy was having aches and pains as we all do at a certain age..he seems to be all better now and ready to train me..Coccolina going on 14 is doing well. Suffice to see who is panting..An added dimension to having dogs stay fit.

Interesting you said that..

The bad things they did to you.

The other day..on a social network, something came up about nastiness in the world and the generic response was “it would be so nice if people got along”.

So, I responded that it would be just nice if just the people in the Barbet world got along..(haha).

My mind wandered on to thinking about a top 10 list of nasties and had a hard time squeezing the offenders in. Trying to condense by country, and ones still alive, was not easy so I tried re-grouping names of countries ( or nicknames)..Here goes!

  1. Anyone close  to the breed in France..(4?)
  2. Several in Swissland: no need to mention the name(s) (1/2).
  3. A couple in the uk, not necessarily meaning that but 2/3.
  4. Little size nasties in Quebec/Canada (2). Small people are often worse than any others.
  5. Narrowing it down, I have space available for 1 in Sweden, even if I am thinking of more.

You see, we’re already at 10..Not even mentionning the US.

Maybe I should count clubs? They alone have done more damage together, individually to the breed than any individual working on his own.

You wonder why the breed is a mess? Thank you all the breed clubs for the maketing and massacre. People are finally waking up to what I have been saying for 15 years…which I will not stop saying even if they don’t like it.