July 2016

C-litter birthday: 2007

A few days ago was the 9th birthday of my second litter and the first with Ermengarda/Coccolina , who had come to me from Italy, with Ungaro.

Barbets_Jennifersm Now looking back, I must say it was a litter that changed the course of the breed as we soon found out when they started reproducing. There were mostly only black dogs or some brown, but nothing else.
From this litter and the fabulous people who contributed to its success, Coccolina achieved a feat not another Barbet has ever reached. The SCC “elite B” level.Barbet_Coccolina1sm


Below are the names of the pups and to this day, only one has disappeared, meaning I lost track of the owners.

Compay II became French show Champion. He has his TAN. 3/6  SCC selection grid. Participated in a movie ( Nicolas Le Floch)and in an interview on Les Z’animaux de la 8 ( TV program).Barbet_leflochsmBarbet_zanimaux2010a









Compay ‘s son and daughter




Chesara: 3/6

SCC selection grid TAN. Used as model on the French breed club banner.

Barbet_che2smrollup barbet







ChiChi l’Amoroso:Finnish and Lithuanian show Champion







Charly:Barbet_Cousteau_dalton…and son Cousteau von der Leibrücke








Cooldady: My first guide dog for the Blind in Lyon, to be followed by several more


Colleen: Swedish show Champion and agilitist ” hors pair” ( with her cake)Barbet_colleen3_at9

Corisande: lovely girl and companion









Cooper(Clyde):in SwedenBarbet_Clyde412






Caya:SCC selection grid 3/6 TAN


A wonderful litter who reproduced quite a lot, in several countries and their descendants have had litters, and on it goes!

Happy Birthday to all of you, may you stay happy and healthy for a long time!

For more about Coccolina:


The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain…

You would think so…





Barbet_waterdog7 Barbet_waterdog2

…However, we’ve had a lot of rain this year and when it shows up as a mini pond in the garden..they seem most taken aback! That has never happened…


What is going on here?

Today is Thelma’s birthday…


I got this lovely gift…a picture of her Grand-daughter in Sweden. Yes, there still are Old Barbets around…( Vieux Barbet). They do show up in various lines, even where there is a heavy poodle influence. Again, it’s a matter of selection. You will also recognize the type of coat that is very characteristic of my line.


Thank you, KB.


I had a choice, as we always do.

Stay home and go the the Game Fair (haha, for the Mondiale of the Barbet where 8 dogs showed up and shined) or…

vegas home

…easy choice. The last time there was a big dog event for the Barbet, it was in 2012, the symposium (haha). People came from as far as Sweden and Poland expecting to learn/hear something. Thery were totally ignored and spent the day waiting for something to happen. It never did. Luckily; many of us were happy to see each other and we spent a nice time together…I had approximately 20 dogs from my line on site. Not all are in the picture since some satyed in other hotels. After being continually insulted by breed “authorities” it was quite obvious no one would show up at Game Fair 2016…no one of any importance for the breed, that is. Most thought it was a joke. A sad one……Barbet_symposium2012

Going back in time.

A very important date faraway made it that the team Barbet had to go to the kennel for several days…I am quite behind on posting, but that is the way it goes! I do not like leaving them, but they are well taken care of. They know the place and most important: they are together.







Got back…took

Barbet-mobile and wend to get them!


What did they do? Ran straight back to the garden to see what had happened..all back to “normal”!barbet_home