July 2016

Something old and something new!


“My late female Steenbrak (Old Dutch hound) Boukje on the left and on the lithography by Verboeckhoven, standing next

to …her portrait, you can see a most similar “chien courant” (scent hound), in the middle an old type of local épagneul (longcoated pointer) and a “Barbet”.( text written by a friend who noticed the ressemblance…). Leendert Bosman.

 Isabeau von der Leibrücke aka Iabadabadoo…( Babaloo von der Leibücke x Ulysee di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco),  left and a Barbet in 1844.


“Also same chest and firm legs, as depicted by Verboeckhoven…”


Barbet to standard*

User comments

The Barbet standard has been modified several times in the last 30 years…and each time application was immediate by the questionable management of some . The  b-Barbet is a dog with a mustache and a beard with a wooly curly coat. That is  precise enough, isn’t it for a rustic gundog..pfffffffffffft. It’s called “genetic diversity” and the full spectrum is not represented here. With less than 50 births per year in France, for the last 30 years, strict observation of the standard is really of utmost importance, so they say. They? no comment.   * Lambs to slaughter…R Dahl.





A feast for the eyes…Evergreen von Sprinbell

Barbet_Fiete1-sm Barbet_Fiete2_sm Barbet_Fiete3 Barbet_Fiete4_sm Barbet_Fiete5_sm

That natural instinct!

Bravo Carmela!

https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1250147&g=4&p=bar&date=iso&o=ajgrepWhen you look at the pedigree, it all comes clear!



This is Clyde Jr…in Sweden.His father is Cooper de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. Un petit “air de famille”!  When you look at the pedigree, you understand that, too.

Thank you for the magnificent pictures…




It’s all in the head…but I am looking for the common denominator!


Billy the Kid de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre , left and center


Charly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre






French Lover Dog de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre


Poppenspaler’s Valdepenas

Different pedigrees, but a common link…in the past…as below, but how?



Be my Bijou Babe de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre: Best pup at the club show in 2007



Tchin Tchin de la perte aux Loups /Thelma



Batterikullens GoGo Girl ( Cilla), daughter of Billy the kid de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre..very typical of the old line ( Vieux Barbet).











Hercule di Barbochos Reiau di Prouvenco.

It is an extremely hard job to try to set the lines and show how they evolve  for it is not always easy to get photographs. I want to thank the owner of Cilla for contributing to the Barbet’s history…with a capital B.

NB There is poodle (+) in all of these dogs, but not in Hercule.

Love to see their eyes, don’t you?!


If you read this in French, you should be able to get an adequate translation into your language.Where it says ,A European History, you will see that it says that :…Barbet amateurs notice some similar characteristics between the 2 breeds…as we speak, I am reading JC Hermans “ANTHOLOGIE DES CHIENS D’EAU ET DES RETRIEVERS, vol 3, p168 and it says, “Les Barbets…un instant ces chiens ont porté le nom de griffon Boulet parce que…”


Marco, le Griffon Boulet. 1st dog LOF



Look at the way their bangs fall over their eyes!





Barbet hunter, ok…but fisher?! Yes, we can!



She carried it to the car…as one does!


Good girl you are!

I could not believe my eyes, really..this girl is just amazing.


I am very very proud of you…

For those of you, history buffs: