May 2016

Mother and daughter, in Poland..;and a mating annoucement

Barbet_Coccilina_pointing2016Right: Mom, Grandmother, and soon to be great -grandmother Coccolina. Below:
Georgia_BarbetIla_BarbetLovely duette of mother on the right and daughter on the left. Georgia de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and   Ila…with a wonderful announcement coming up:


What a difference a year makes.

garden6After last year’s scandalous treatment I was reserved and set up for at the Game Fair, I decided that I would nevergarden1 ever have anything to do with those people…Since then, I have had more time, for other more important “things” than dragging my dogs around dogs shows, and driving all over creation to do working tests, for the promotion of a dying breed in its home country.  My name is generally cited as not being a member of the club anymore, and I must admit, I am rather proud of it. I don’t need them as they never did anything for the breed..and what I have accomplished has been without them.

 garden2Now, I am free…and happy!


My tomates…

 garden3 garden5

Haley’s babies

haley-barbet2016a haley-barbet2016b haley-barbet2016c











This lovely litter represents a 5th generation for Ermengarda/Coccolina and it is wonderful to see how generations continue a line. Haley/Maj von der Lebrücke is in the Netherlands at Kennel von der Leibrücke. All are doing well !


The stupid things you hear sometimes…

Barbet_haireyesThe Barbet needs to have hair over the eyes, so he cannot see…in order to protect him from the reeds in water ( I guess they jump out at him?!) and also to protect him from thorns…I never knew there were thorns in water. Working on my learning curve…Iabada_Barbet_reedAs you see..they don’t need to have their eyes covered to protect them, but their body.Perhaps some overalls ought to do it…for a rustic  dog…?The things you hear sometimes, do make you wonder.

Baltic champion, too!

Gloria_BalticChampionGloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, Baltic champion among other championships…We are all proud of her success and thank you Sirkka for your hardwork.

Gloria is a lovely girl with “natural working instinct” and has the tests to prove so…she is lovely and also a very nice looking girl!

A day to learn about first aid for dogs.

Froguette is not hurt, we were just training to see what I remembered to do, in case of  emergency.Tail injury aTailinjury_Barbetnd below a paw bandaged up.Now, will I be able to do it in a real emergency?  I strongly recommend everyone to do the training. You really never know when it may be a question of life or death. Day training was really really interesting and Something I had always wanted to do. So, DONE!Barbet_Froguette_training1