April 2016

Ela Samba’s pups.


Ela Samba de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre…gave birth to 9 pups, in Switzerland.Mom is fine, Grand Ma Carmela is happy because she was able to use a male of her breeding to sire Ela. Always a proud moment.

Today is international Guide Dog day for the blind


Since 2007 and my first Guide Dog, I have had several in Paris and Lyon. I am very proud of that achievement because a guide dog must have a very steady character, not be hyper or a barker.Just as a hunter, they must be calm, trainable and devoted to their mission. It’s not always the case, since you cannot bat 1000…as the expression goes. In Lyon I am in the second generation which will be within 2 years, hopefully replacing the 2007 one. These 2 are from the 2015 litter and are training as some of you may know, in Lyon.

Thank you E.O.




Faites vos jeux…les jeux sont faits!* Barbet: joker!

  • gamblePlace your bets, no more bets…French breed club, totally in refusal of any communication with anyone having to do with the breed, is having biiiiiiiiiiig élections this weekend. Result is obvious. Plansd have been of long date and nothing left to hazard by the new pension fund which will be set up as pension funds go, results are never positive.
    • Barbet…rest in peace because your time has come.froggy chapeau So, after 30 years of French breeders fighting for this and that and others adding their klass than 2 cents’; breed is finished in France. At least , I got the Barbet out of France in 2006 and no one else can claim that, not the Isabelles or the Caroles, the brigittes….or other whoer tongues.
    • Good night and Farewell to the Babet in France.

Looking for identity?





Before…                                                                      in process…cool, calm and collected…

berger_russeberger_russe2And why not the Russian Ovcharka style? I did not do the tail, because it was a bit much…but? The poor Barbet is still looking for its identity in its homeland of France with a breed club, not much concerned with where it came from, and only looking to its future as????haha.

So, since we cannot beat the club looking to destroy the breed, let’s make the Barbet another breed…Nothing new you say? Well, they’ve tried the Poodle. It is what they are on…for the time being, but with not a whole lot of references..so? And with no Frenchies speaking up to defend and protect the breed..well? Well Nothing. So, we play and laugh at idiots while we won’t cry.

Birthday boy…10 years young!

(Birth)Day started with heart check-up…in souvenir of brother Svinto who collapsed too soon and also Mom Thelma, who died of pulmonary embolism (age 10.5), not connected, but. We had done the 10-year+ blood check a few weeks ago and all was fine, along with Eye-check up at specialist vet.No problems! Yippie!

This is where keeping track of siblings becomes even more important when working on a line…It’s easy to say you work for healthy puppies, a very generic statement ( who works for sick ones?!), but more difficult to prove so. That’s something that takes time (and money) as I do worry about their wellbeing, all of them. Some, I have lost track of and others? Good question.
Being the oldest “active” “breeder“( taken with a grain of salt and  a lot of humour) in France and one of the oldest in the breed, 16 years…( granted I do not know how I have survived so far, must be in the genes…)I may not have the same idea of what to breed for as one  does, or which color, but I do my best in what I believe the breed is and stands for. I have my reserve  stock on hand!

I know it is important when you have older dogs at home, to make sure they stay healthy and do tests, not “just” to reproduce at a young age, or just use them for that matter and then place them ( dump them, is what I call it). The health tests need to be done throughout their lives.

I am very relieved to not be a member of the breed club in France, a source of muchotormento and angst which I do not need as they never brought me anything nor have they ever for the Barbet in 30+ years (other than organize shows)……future of breed is grim in France, its home country, of standard, of course, as one loves to repeat, alas.


A GuyGuy smile! ( he’s thinking as he does, that he will drag me over to the water fowl…)


A new experience for me..


…as the saying goes, “Primo il dovere, poi il piacere..” the piacere ( froggy cookies) was the treat when we got home, that they all shared together…in a special Froggy plate!

froggy_cookies             Happy birthday, GuyGuy, his sister Bijou and brothers( Sweden, France and Germany) …and many more!

International Champion: Gloria

A feat I will never achieve myself, but I am thankful for those who went the extra mile for the breed and for my line.Thank you Sirkka…

Gloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre is now and international champion…Gloria_InternationalBarbet_championdouble wow!






Barbet_curls…And right after that…she was good for a mega haircut!

Bravo Gloria! My last big champion!


Living on borrowed Barbet time.


In light of recent events, meaning since 2012…it looks like this time for sure, the end of the breed is near. Too many lies, too much incompetence around the Barbet and “authorities” hav made it near extinction in its home country and there are now, no signs of it getting any better.Enjoy yours if you are lucky enough to have one, or some, like me.

…Iabada-Badoo and Frogutte, with pig ( but no curls)!