March 2016

Heat wave..

When the girsl are in heat, it’s always a bit complicated to keep doors closed and rotate everyone so they get real dog time and are not locked up somewhere. Generally, when it’s “that time” Guyguy stops eating and I have to hand feed him, preferably in front of Froggy so he can show-off…nananèreu!Barbet_feed




This morning, we’re closer to the end of the events and Guyguy was still looking to seduce Iabada and strangest thing happened, Vennie got in the middle to protect her friend. I did not have my camera handy, so I tried to set up the situation again and it worked…so I took the picture of Vennnie standing between them.

It’s amazing how their interaction takes place, when you really take time to observe them.Froguette is on the left. I told him he had to wait a bit before making babies..


My Barbet foundations…


ped2015512 - Copie

Thought you might enjoy seeing a French pedigree new generation (for me). This is my line that I have been working on since 2002, with Tchin Tchin de la perte aux loups.The objective is a Vieux Barbet or Griffon type ( as opposed to poodle type).
There is no official SCC database, with pedigree numbers and the likes as there is in other countries in Europe where you can see results of this and that, so the pedigree is what has the most information. Eyes are not required to be checked, but I do them regularly.

If you look at Ermengarda ( Coccolina) she has the highest cot.5/6 ( SCC official selection grid/cotation) of any Barbet so far in SCC Barbet history. Compay is French Champion and a cot.3
French Lover ( Froggy) is cot. 4. He could go higher if his progeny went to shows in France, which they will not. He could also become champion…but we will not go any further on that.

They all have DNA, HD score and then you see in red, some show results, which appear incomplete..( but dog shows are not a concern!)

I felt it was more important to go up the selection grid (cotation) for the foundation of my line. As you can see Abergavennie is cot.1 which means she is confirmed, A hips and did get best puppy at club specialty show.
Breed Club politicking, nastiness, incompetence as far as the breed is concerned along with regular badmouthing has put an end to our show career! I am glad I did what I did when I did it! Now I can reap what I sowed in my foundations, and continue my work piano, piano. Brother and sister Froggies..below:





I love walks, and runs and jumping! Below is my brother: Froggy…( French Lover Dog). We look alike, don’t we!?





Wanted: Griffon Barbet..but hurry, soon we will be gone.

Barbet_Griffon_type  The “Vieux Barbet” is severely threatened with extinction, due to its low birth numbers and lack of support by authorities who manage the breed standard. It is not about the re-incarnated Barbet of the 1980’s, using Poodles.

That is the reason why the Barbet Preservation Group was created on Facebook. It is a closed group and English is the lingua franca.