January 24, 2016

Do not throw sticks for your dog!


It may be as you think ” harmless” but it could kill them.Buy one of these “dummies” good for water and land…you can find them anywhere in a dog supplies shop!


A visit of well-being from the osteopath

My dogs are my companions. I only want the best for all of them, and their well-being is of utmost importance. I had always wanted to consult an osteopath, not because they may have had a problem…but to avoid having any in their future. So, she came and spent time on Vennie because she had had puppies and she deserved it for her hard work…on Coccolina because she is 11 and if we can avoid any issues as long as possible, we make sure we are on top of it. And finally Guyguy, almost 10 who seemed to enjoy it the most and had apparently a hip problem. He was purring by the end of the session…My GuyGuy! Apparently this is not something common in France, but rather wait til they have an issue, why not anticipate it? It’s better than giving them medication, isn’t it?
Next time, it will be the other 3.

Coccolina_osteo Guyguy_osteo Vennie_osteo

Un petit air de famille?

Evergreen von springbell

Evergreen von Springbell


Edelwyss von Springbell ( Delwy)

Nice continuity, isn’t it!


Ch-Colleen de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, in Sweden


Ch-Compay de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Vera de la perte aux loups, his aunt. 2007!


Better safe than sorry.

car_accidentThis took place in Sweden, but it could have been anywhere…A dog should never never be loose in a car when traveling.

The person driving was ok, and the dog was shaken up but still in the crate…as opposed to running loose outside in the night or across lanes of a motorway. You like it or you don’t is not the issue. The dogs feels safe and even in the house. They do not need to have the entire house left alone for them to decide what to do there. You never know what can happen.It’s not up to them to decide, is it?! I firmly believe in safety!

Why Use a Dog Crate – and Is It Cruel to Crate a Dog?

Lovely Vera de la perte aux loups

Vera_Barbet2016a Vera_Barbet2016b

Nice to be able to keep up with some of the Barbets who have come through here. Vera was a not-happy-at-all Barbet where she lived in the Netherlands. She was accused of having bitten some people…so I drove halfway and rescued her. She spent a while here with mine. Relearned to trust people and dogs and when I thought she was ready for her nice happy family and greener pastures, she found a nice family to live with. She is now in the UK and best friends with the 2 children and a loving family. Her  family gives me news every so often and I really appreciate it. Vera will be 12 next month..looking good, eh?Barbet_Vera_girl2013

I am glad I did it…Vera is special to me. Must say, with the world as it is today…I would never do it again!