December 2015

Back to my world…of Vieux Barbets!







It is said in some neophyte circles  that I promote “flat coats”…

these are perfect curls with a nice top rough coat and a nice protective undercoat…for a working gundog as one does.We have now retired from any type of working trials other than pure fun and enjoyment. My lovely dogs have made their point, now they can play!


The oldline “white and black” hits the show front: USA

Kadiz_dieseland Kieferlaffey_Barbets

Kadiz (Diesel) and Marquis de Lafayette Kiefer ( Laffy) von der Leibrücke…descendants of Coccolina, again and again, through CH-Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Charly, his brother. Stunning !









What a way to make a statement in the USA…where “stunning” is  a most important feature! How proud I am of our work together? Very!

Dog shows galore!

Now that I do not feel the need to attend shows any more and even made it a resolution to stay clear of any dog gathering, for 2016, I must say I enjoy seeing the pictures of all of Coccolina’s descendants at shows. A real treat to look at from my armchair.


Colleen de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and her daughter,Gaia promoting the Barbet in Sweden at a show. Both are champions several times over and in different countries!


Inox,son of Fanny de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. A very nice type of Barbet who should become champion one of these days!
















Fanny de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, French Champion. A typical Barbet made en Bresse.


The nice loopy open curls of a Barbet.







On the right, a daughter of Fanny’s, Imac. Very close to standard with a lovely curly coat, nice morphology and the type I enjoy.

Pink photos, courtesy of By Denys.

Duck…any way you look at it!

duck This is how I feel most of the time…a decoy!

History is written by those who make a commitment to truth and honesty, not by those who have nothing to say.If you ever wondered why very few ever refer to the past of a breed threatened with extinction, re-incarnated in the 1980’s and only look to the future…could it be because they have nothing to talk about , but their own future? I have most of the archives on the breed making it difficult for anyone to refer to anything but Buffon, 300 years ago…when there was not definition of breeds other than what little information about groups of dogs, that had certain characteristics in common. Our information is a bit more concrete.