November 2015

When you love someone or something, you do your best to protect it.

Barbet_loveWhen you love someone or something, you do your best to protect it so you will have it as long as possible.

The work I have done in researching the breed’s history has always been to keep everyone informed and to get to the bottom of a story based on a myth. I have lived under a microscope/magnifying glass for years and years. Now, I have been threatened( might makes right?) and some words I have been forbidden to use…I have repeated over and over what I feel and I think most got the message so,…Onward and forward. Others are now participating and doing the research in a much better way that I will ever be able to, so it’s just a question of time, even if it’s not on our side…so, circulez…!


Conquering Germany…daddy “made in France”

This is a grand-daughter of my Guyguy ( Booly Wooly) whose son, Domingo P sired 2 litters for the same breeder in Germany…she liked him so much she is advertising them on the back of her beautiful new motor home  with his 2 wives to promote their services. What a way to go!



Beauties to standard

Barbet_pupsdown2015Here only in France, you can read that the “VIEUX BARBET” does not exist and is a concept totally made up..not a very nice way to treat some of these canine authors who are a reference for many breeds and why not the Barbet? Good question…I can hardly wait for them to explain how a poodle which has not changed in several hundred years, in less that 100 became the Barbet..Houston, there is a problem and solution is found with proper research, only. It’s being worked on, scientifically! Book on the right is from the SCC.I just would like to have one of those who claim otherwise to take out their proof and hardware and explain. Can’t be that complicated when one has lots of time  and a LONG experience of the breed to diddle everywhere?! Can it? Is my question too hard to answer? These 2 dogs have nothing to do with each other…