October 2015

Shame it is, really.

Live and learn from slander at its best. I believe…it can be true but warped minds make it not happen, again 31 years later. This is from a “club des amis du Barbet” bulletin in 1984.History repeats itself! Famous last words?seg_diffamation377

D litter …2008


Last week was the “D” litter birthday.

This is Djimo in Switzerland. He has sired 3 litters.

He is a carbon copy of his father Booly Wooly in all aspects. Mom is Coccolina.

Djimo and his brothers and sisters are all doing well and living very happy and healthy  lives.

I found while looking for something else 2 of his littermates, in an old photo.

Dlitter2008Interesting to see the difference between the litters then and now, 8 years later.


Proud of my 4 generations.






Coccolina left, CH-CompayII de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, right. Below Compay’s sont and grand-son.


Ever so important: puppy school







Because regulations have changed in the European Union, pups can only be exported at 3 months and 3 weeks, when the rabies vaccination takes effect. That is a long time…and pups really need to do and see as much way before that.

Compay and his daughters


In the video:

This is Compay, dad of  the froggies ( Froggy and Froguette). He lives in the Netherlands where he is working for the breed. I was about to have him castrated a couple of years ago since I had 3 males and my future breeding plan did not include him ( despite my love for him).

Several people have told me over the years that they got a Barbet after seeing him and I am proud he has been a model for the breed. However, I realized he could be happy in another home where he would be the KING TUT and since I trusted the person( I do not trust very many people in the Barbet), I let him go….He has made fabulous healthy puppies and has continued producing the colors so looked for in the breed.

I made the right choice and am still as proud of him as I ever was!

Things are winding down…Vennie and Iabada working!

All the pups have gone to their new families now, and these 2 are staying til the time they can be exported…We’re having fun with brother and sister while we all can. I do wonder what she is saying….

Who wants to get in the car?

I have to admit that working with 7 pups is a piece of cake, compared to having to deal with 11…So, tell me they don’t know what’s going on! They learn extremely fast and I have built them a frame to navigate in. “All” new owners have to do is follow up on it. Dogs are creatures of habit, and extremely rigorous…humans often mess them up, because they are not rigorous! The Barbet is a dog who thinks and you need to show them you know best or they will run you wild.