September 2015

…and we even had time for a Coccolina bath!

Heavy day today, will be happy to go to work tomorrow, so I can sit down! Good thing I can be real organized and pace myself.

Coccolina_BarbetbathShe was a bit overdue, but hard to keep up with everything when puppies are THE priority. Countdown is starting til the departure of some next weekend….

Vet visit: all is PERFECT!


Visit to the vet for chipping, vaccines, DNA and blood drawn for research at the CNRS in Rennes. Females are on the left and males on the right so they could be taken in a certain order to go faster. I do recommend everyone have these types of cages for their pets. It’s safer for thme and they can make it their little home when they travel. Great troopers! I am very proud of them.


Ps…sorry about the rant below, but the is the breed is in such a bad state as far as births in France are concerned, one needs not  look further. People are scared away.

I would be if I did not know better! Vennie page will be updated…

Objective…wear you down and get rid of you.

Chère Madame, bonsoir,( written last night, by club pdt)
J’ai pris bonne note de votre réponse et vous en remercie.( I refuse to give them any information since they are not worthy of any trust, but more interested in pointing fingers…vive la transparence?)
J’ai pris aussi bonne note du peu d’intérêt que vous montrez à l’intention de notre club de races qui je vous le rappelle est garant avec la SCC du standard, de la sélection et de la promotion du Barbet.( nice words but totally meaningless, since the “club” has never ever done anything about selection ( only selection to eliminated breeders) and promotion of the breed?? Laughable….and sad. When the club decides to work to save the breed with clear objectives and a THREAD of actions, I will reconsider my opinion. So far in 15 years and from the 35 years of archives in my possession, I have seen nothing.)
C’est étonnant pour une personne qui s’estime être incontournable dans cette race.

Email fr Dr Geissant in 2012…below:

Très bien,
Pouvez vous me communiquer la réponse de la SCC en .pdf?
Dans tous les cas il faut attendre les élections ….
L’équipe que je l’espère et qui sortira des urnes sera plus dynamique…. je l’espère vraiment….
Je pense qu’il faut vous tenir en réserve…. et rester loin du club… et vous aures plus de poids en tant que consultante!
De toute façon la race ne peut pas se passer de vous*.... il faut revoir le mode d’action et les relations entre barbetiers et club et la SCC une bonne fois pour toute … mais pas avant le seconde semestre 2013 avec le nouveau comité….
Pour ce qui est du “nouveau dans l’air” prévenez moi avant au cas où…. SVPJe suis pour un minimum de vagues sur le 1er semestre 2013…
Bien à vous
Email from JLG ( of course I have this email..sous le coude!.)

(Last nights’ email continued)Il n’a jamais été dans l’intention du comité actuel de vous ridiculiser.
Je pense personnellement que vos actions et vos propos vous discréditent et vous ridiculisent à eux seuls.
Il est donc inutile de le faire nous même.
J’ai pris bonne note que vous n’entendez pas nous aider. Dont acte!
Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée.
Dr. Jean Louis GEISSANT
Président du Club du Barbet, du Lagotto et autres Chiens d’Eau.
PS Je me réserve la possibilité de faire état à qui de droit de nos relations épistolaires numériques.


Bonne journée à tous, et vive la transparence?….et le standard???

*?????Ca c’ est fait. Happy Sunday!

DNA and research on Barbet epilepsy

CNRS_BarbetSince 2007, all my dogs have their DNA  profle and since 2008, they have all contributed to research at the French CNRS in Rennes for research on epilepsy in the breed. As a matter of fact, I was the one to have sent them all the corrected pedigrees .

It is very important for such an endangered breed to contribute wherever we can  in its home country. My only objective is the survival of the breed.

I would like to add that I have DNA profiles for 6 generations of Barbets of my line which I am very proud of. I think that is rather rare!

Tomorrow is a very big day since all pups now have names, owners and will be chipped and vaccinated. Very exciting! The selection  process was down to the wire, their characters and temperament being very homogenous we had to go into further details. Thank you Corinne and Urs…for your help!

Am posting another video under Vennie and the pups. I have lots of pictures, but no time to post..sorry!


Barbets en Bresse and guide dogs

This week is the week of the Guide dogs for the blind in France. Since 2007, we have proudly contributed to the association in France. Here are a few pictures of  them.

barbet_chien_daveugle3 barbet_chien_daveugle4 barbet_chien_daveugle2 barbet_chien_daveugle1

Treat time..

barbet_gangWe had a very busy weekend with Flora ( Iroise) and her friend Exquis vistiting on Saturday. Exquis is the son of Chesara and Vincacao and Flora is great-grand daughter of Coccolina. Treat distribution time  and then they moved to the back yard for a glimpse of the pups and a run!


I will update pups post later today with our visit to the Canine Educator’s and the big trip in the car.Stay tuned!