August 2015

Come see my babies!  

I am told they look a lot like me!


If you want “live” …follow the link!

I believe it is extremely important that one gets a feeling for how a particular breed lives and gets on with others and lives in its environment. The Barbet being so rare, there are a lot of different types available.

If you like their look and lifestyle…then perhaps you may visualize a Barbet in your life.

There are videos on grooming, swimming, running…all about being a happy dog.

Thank you French breed club

For lack of anything else they do for the Barbet, they keep my name in the limelight. What more can you, me,I ask of a club?

thelma_barbetI do hope that at some point they tell us which BICP they are training for and when that activity will become formalized and added to the standard of our famous “BARBET DE CHASSE”…for which you do not need a hunting licences whether it be 7th with gundogs or 8th with retrievers. Trying to keep up with me, is no easy feat; me, I say.

Pretty soon, they will tell us…what  me, I said 3 years ago…but they will say it “en français”! Big scoop.


Scandalous dog training behaviour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been training Froguette for hunting for 2+ years now and you have seen a lot of pictures here on this site, but never oh never has it ever been without respecting the game and the process of the activity along with the rules. I have never seen a hunter treat any animal the way is pictured in those photographs.

Just a BIG joke. BICPs I have attended, nothing to do with the barbet club, are run according to strict rules and professional behaviour and organization.

I have just seen some pictures on a social network french club breed  page that are absolutely appaling and disgraceful for a breed club to publish. Totally shocking!!!!!!!!!!! to promote the Barbet as an uneducated duck killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is NOT what happens at any BCE or BICP and gives a very retarded image of hunting and of course how the Barbet works. Disgraceful and typical of the amateurish running of the breed.

Back to real life!

Now that Gloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre has achieved international stardom, as International Champion, she can go back to the activities close to her heart! Bless you both Sirkka and Gloria for your tremendous devotion to the Barbet!


All in total harmony


I think for the harmony of the group, they all need to feel they serve a purpose and participate in family matters.Here, Coccolina and Booly Wooly changing shifts…







Visitors welcome!

Barbet_Coccolina_OscarOur door is always wide open to Barbets of the world! We have had several visitors this summer. This particular visit is special since it is from a UK born Jack the lad, aka Oscar ( Coccolina is his great-grandmother). Oscar lives in the Netherlands and it was easy to see he was family!