April 2015

What the club accomplished for the breed in April?????

















Guess, and you guessed right. Zero, nothing, nada!

We all know but no one says anything because we are all braindead?…and on top of this they are not happy that I criticize their work…But to criticise work, chers amis, there has to be some…..and there is none except for them confirming the Barbet cannot do this or that…so.

Is that considered work: when it is against the breed? I guess, since others do it successfully.

Another blank page added to the history of club accomplishements!

How would you feel?

This is a photo of Froguette on the way south the other day for the Working Test…Would you feel that calm if YOU were going for such a big event? That is what I love about my dogs, they are always “cool, calm and collected”, which again is different from lymphatic!They go for it when they need to!
( by the way, the others are in a cage, but I cannot put 2 cages in the car!)


Working Tests for participation in Field Trials










Club du Barbet , Lagotto et autres chiens d’eau. Officiel.nous vous rappelons que le

barbet n’est pas éligible aux field trials….???    And why not???


You would expect them to support any initiative to help the breed and not do the exact opposite…well, they don’t and are rather irate about it! Hardly believeable. Then they will say that the Barbet is a “chien de chasse…”

So, she was supposed to go straight and not do her shoelaces, brave little girl, but no one told her…A tremendous amount of obedience, but doable ( at some point in time).

If the Barbet cannot be a versatile working dog, it will not survive. Doing shows is good for egos, but not for the breed when you see what is “exhibited”.

For dates of Working Tests:









Barbet coat types

ps…by brushing, I mean combing…I do not use the Pooch on all, but the comb, mostly.

Barbet de chasse, anyone?

This is Froguette speaking, just because I do hunting trials does not make me less of a little girl. I weigh 22 kilos, 54 cms and am fit for what I have to do, since I am a true to breed Barbet. Do you see my lovely curly coat? I love to retrieve and I think I have become a star because since yesterday the French breed club has announced that the Barbet can take part in any open BICP and that is “officially”. What I have done for 2 years has only been for people in the hunting world to see what I can do on natural instinct….So look for me retrieving on land and in water, coming soon.
We don’t just say we are and pose for pictures, we are….and we do.


Quelqu’un qui cherche un type Barbet?


J’ai vu cette annonce sur le Bon Coin hier et sans prétendre être plus royaliste que le roi, dans les photos il y a au moins un(e) bien “typée” Barbet Moderne et à ce prix là…pour quelqu’un qui cherche un bon petit chien de compagnie?!

Pourquoi pas les contacter. Je ne sais rien de ces personnes, mais pour ceux qui s’intéressent à l’histoire du Barbet Moderne:

Il a été obtenu à partir de chiens sans aucune origine connue et confirmés en tant que Barbet, alors comme l’histoire se répète!Là on connait les parents!

Personne ne vous demandera son pédigree, même s’il n’ existe pas, vous l’inventerez. La situation du Barbet est la même en France depuis 30 and et il n’y a aucune raison que ça aille mieux.

Bien se rappeler qu’e n France, il y a moins de 50 naissances de Barbets ( Moderne et encore moins de Vieux) vous risquez d’attendre et payer bien plus!

Every day is a play day…

Doing what natural instinct calls for doesn’t have to always be in hunting animals…

but giving them the opportunity to express themselves as living beings, not always posing or “just” as showdogs! I make sure they can all do something they enjoy for themselves!