March 2, 2015

Uncle and nephew: Compay and Crokus…and….

Barbet_Compay_pup Barbet_crokus

On the left: Compay II de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre, on the right Vom Springbell Crokus, Compay’s nephew…it must be in the jeans..or?

Barbet_AkvavitAkvavit was never “used” because he was

only  53 cms tall…so add on him a dense matted coat and you get to 55. Still out of standard,you say, but it doesn’t bother many great champions today, does it. Stand him on a rock and show his nice wide chest ought to do it! I say!

New friend came to visit!






3 males…From left to right: Froggy, JC ( who reminds me a lot of GuyGuy young) and GuyGuy. I am a firm believer that all dogs together should get along and paly together. It’s such a shame when dogs can’t. It creates stress for everyone…and we don’t need it! BTW, the girls were all there, too. We just moved them out of the picture!