March 2015

On the road to stardom!


PIR Curly Heaven “Elmo”

CACIB Bogatic 28.03 ex, 1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB
CACIB Vrsac 29.03 ex, 1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB

This took place in Serbia, and they travelled 2000 k from Poland for this show. Imagine!

Elmo is the great grandson of my Coccolina…

( ps: I am not crazy about the headknot, so please do not say I support it, but lots have it…)

What the French breed club has done for the Barbet: March 2015














































April will bring out the fools.

May take more than that.

In June, we will have more proof of who manipulates them with more working gun dogs on the scene and Barbet oops, Barbie sheep shows , supported by said breed club.barbie sheep-1barbie_sheep2





In the meantime, keep waiting for the club to react.They are calling for old members to pay their dues….need fresh $$$$$? Perhaps send them the link…

Anyone close to the top may, can translate this for them.Hint hint.


Pups in Switzerland

Mom is Ela Samba de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre ( not pictured who is brown). Here you see Aurinko, great grand daughter of Coccolina, as we were talking in a post below of more and more sand coming out. If you click on the link above you will see several videos with the pups. Colors come with carefully planned selection of pedigrees.

We all love those cute videos! Enjoy!




Putting the pieces of the puzzle together: there is a logic!

I have an outline. Now I need to fill in the pieces.These dogs would all be born black with some white which progressively becomes gray and it has nothing to do with age since it starts around age 4. This is the gray/black mentionned in the old standard when some thought there should not be a dash – between gray and black, but a comma = gray, black. It should have been gray-black. There are no gray Barbets, there are gray Poodles( but they were born black).

bell_ped128This gray-black is a color that has also come out of the Barbet past, but most discreetly, since they are registered as black and white which is not really true.Along with the color, I am wondering if there aren’t more genes we have overlooked in the affair.

It is extremely hard to work with creative  or incomplete pedigrees:

Colors give a lot of information and they don’t fall out of the sky. Why do some barbet litters only come in black and some come in certain colors? There is a reason! Sand is coming more and more and white and black is almost common these days. What got me thinking is the natural retrieving/hunting ability of a dog in the line who lives in Germany, but is Dutch-born…I need to think more about this. You will hear about it.





A brilliant idea it is, isn’t it!


This is the couple of the year 2015’s “wedding announcement” picture of Gigi von der Leibrücke and Borée di Barbochos Reiau di Prouvenco, converted into chocolates. What a fabulous idea!

Je suis Charlie frm the Netherlands!

Barbet_Compayson2015My name is ” Outdoors Je suis Charlie”, but my daddy is Compay II…de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre*!

Can you see the look in my eye?


* My mom is Didi von der Leibrücke

Barbet osmosis: how do I love thee?


They are just the way they look in the photo: attentive, looking to always please, and all have the most pleasant, “how can I make you happy attitude?” I would never be able to have so many had any of them been “difficult” to deal with.
I have no complaints about them, nor do I have any about their coats or how they live.
Look at their body language. It says ” we love everyone “. Come over so we can show you how much!

We’re talking 5 generations of smooth character, homogeneity, health, natural retrieving ability…and more to come!

Cherchez l’erreur?

Sometimes “things in breeders? dogworld? ” are not real logical. I try to be rational, and factual about  what should be that way and not  get emotional, only when people lie.

When you try to as someone what they think about the situation of so many breeders for such a “rare” breed in some countries…some venture with an answer, most don’t. Look at the statistics:

Population of France 64M , there are 6 listed breeders, 2 of which have quit for sure. In a good year 50 maximum births

The Netherlands: pop 16.8 and 14 breeders. close or more than 100 births and more breeders popping up.

Canada:pop 35.8 and 16 breeders. Looking for breeding pairs to breed…( USA )

Finland: pop 5.4 and 14 breeders. Lots of births…

Sweden: pop 9.7 and 12 breeders…

The sum of the fcountries’ population almost corresponds to France. The sum of the breeders? 56 versus 4 in France for about the same total population ( of which not all are active breeders). How is that? Well, statistically? It speaks, doesn’t it.

IMHO ( in my humble opinion) there is comme qui dirait, a slight problem.

Breeders are popping up here there and everywhere and I wonder where these people are finding their genetic diversity in a pseudo RARE BREED, that has nothing rare about it, but the breeders in its home country: France. Many people just want to sell rare, just because it is alledgedly, but is it really? OR is RARE going to generate more $$$$$$$, only?!

Needless the breed’s best interest is certainly not theirs.

Everyone wants to help save the breed from extinction, but to save whatever from whatever wouldn’t one need to know about “saving something from extinction” means where it comes from and what it stands for? Ignore all that is what many do and promote.

I reckon that the fact that the french breed club having soooooooooo many breeds to take care of and after having made soooooooooooo many promises they never kept ended up like Napoleon after Austerlitz and having to retreat shamefully since they were not able to prove their worth and reason for being.

A club can be of some kind of use and some, like ours are useless and regardless of what anyone says about breeders blablabla, they are the heart of the matter and the heart not beating, well……….voilà. No guidelines, no one representing the breed, no history, no help no nothing. The clubs is only interested in what they are doing for themselves and certainly not anything outside of their site, yes, site.

France with 4 breeders. A population of 64M and ask anyone what a Barbet is and they will answer , “a wha?”. Births never exceed 50. Blame the breeders?

So another 10 days and we will be able to post what the club has accomplished for the breed in March! Another real blank page, but they might be announcing some shows to sign up for, eh.

Does anyone out there care ABOUT WHAT THE BREED STANDS FOR? I fear the answer for most ( not all) is niet.Let’s just find a stud and make pups…BARBET