February 2015

If there were one, it would be me!


Stuck to you I am…


Barbet_bush_sm Barbet_Froguette_nose-sm

It’s not easy with a full curly coat to do proper work…I can understand how my cousins overseas stay with a shorter coat.I get stuck and it’s a real hassel coming undone.Pffffffffffft!

Dogs who don’t do anything have short coats and I have to have a long one! Who can explain??

Did you know?

Barbet_comparisonWell, this was almost the club banner a few years ago when they showed pictures of dogs other than Lagottos. It’s my cousin Chesara de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, says Booly Wooly ( she is still on the banner) and my daughter Fanny, but then with my mom on a particular page showing a whorking Barbet…it may have been too much, considering we are not professional breeders…and another source of jealousy.

Barbet Booly Wooly…and Hercule!

Barbet_Guyguy2015_profile_smWhilst everyone is talking about Coccolina this and Coccolina that, well, I can hold my own, too!

I am dad to 30 ( not 24 as posted in a database) and Grand-pa to 79. 2 litters donated to Guide School in Paris makes that they did not reproduce.

Also, if I may point out, at least I do not have Coccolina/Verveine in MY pedigree…eh, but I do have Hercule di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco! My mom does not want me to be used with Poodletypes , because it has been proven that a Poodle type with a Poodle type makes for more Poodles. Best to not run the risk!

Engelbert’s pups in Poland

Alia z Barbeciarskiej Chaty x Nelum Himalis Engelbert

7 pups, all black.( 4m/3f)

Piotr Piotrowski phone +48 602 625 364 speaking German and Polish

E-mail gryfona@interia.pl


That makes Coccolina great grandmother to 227 pups and in the pedigree of 541! Amazing!

Coccolina, + 7…


See the video, how happy she is…!

Rolling on the couch with joy…Up to 541 Barbets with Ermengarda/Coccolina in their pedigree. How’s that for a Coccolina? Lucky dad is Duplo. Mom Barbedoux Braille Erudiet, in the Netherlands.

Going for 550. ( of which mom to 39/Grand-ma to 213/ Great Grand-ma to 220 and great great grand-ma to 69)…

To see far into the future, you must have good roots…in the past!

In the past, yes. This would probably explain the profound respect I have for history and the values that are given to us from the past and our elders. I can imagine that not every one sees it the same way…alas. When you really think about it?  How is that possible?The picture below shows my dad, my grandparents and my great grandmother..Iroquois. Thinking of her roots and symbols…I am saddened to think that some may not be proud of their past or prefer not to refer to it. How can that be? Perhaps those values no longer exist in our world…


In Canada: 2nd Champion from Frankly Scarlet and Cousteau


Barbet_Dalicousteau_frankly_champNappyroots Daisy aka Dali shown here. A real beauty!

She is the daughter of Frankly Scarlet de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Cousteau von der Leibrücke…You may have guessed it!

From Finland with love! The one and only…

Barbet_lumoMeet Lumo, (you know Anne already)…Lumo is the daughter of Gloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Nelum Himalis Dimanche.

A wonderful shot, isn’t it.Read the osmosis between the 2!

Barbets are very “touching” in all ways, dogs. My mommy..