January 17, 2015







Did I tell you? These 3 Barbets are imports into France. The production in France is of so so limited, that one has to go farther to find interesting blood…Can you imagine, the country of origin of the breed providing such poor service?

2 from the Netherlands and one from Finland.

Litter of real lovers… coming up in the Netherlands

Barbets_GIGI_BoreeGigi von der Leibrücke and Borée di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco ( I have known him since he was a pup) should be having a litter of Barbets, coming soon…Look at their body langaue. You can see they really like each other!




On a happy note: Ela Samba and Billy litter coming up!

Barbet_Coccolina2015I am ever so proud to announce a litter coming up between Ela Samba de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre ( on the right) and Nuphar’s Everything Zen aka Billy( below), says Coccolina!


Lastest, but not leastest.

While I have your attention…


Didi von der Leibrücke x Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre at Outdoors kennel










All puppies lookalike at birth, and I have never favored white over any other color ( or I would have one!) but this little dude is names ” JE SUIS CHARLIE”. What you see, is most important. Another white and black pup to add to the long list of Coccolina’s progeny’s progeny…there are black females too!

What you get is the first  with such an unforgettable name…am I ever so proud of Compay!

What if?


What if the Barbet that YOU think is a Barbet is none other than a Lagotto…?


The breed club is supposed to have and publish the true  factual, inalienable story of the breed that you are “defending” as a French breed. You represent the image of what the breed is in a foreign country, which is what?…What if the Barbet Moderne  were just  a Portuguese( white and black tall shaved) Poodle cross? Fear not ridicule with your pompous useful idiot supporters?

“I will try to be at all the shows because my dog wins everything , I am friends with so and so and I am starting my road tour where I will be appearing…”

Gag me.

The question was one too many, since I was answered by herself did not understand everything. A way of brushing off any type of discussion?

What’s new, Pussy cat.

For a good laugh, before you cry.

I am looking for a breeder who may have a working line of Barbets. Can you help me?Barbet_workingdog5

Sorry, there are none in France. Try this particular breeder in S—-land. Argh.

They, of course, should be able to…this is why the Barbet is a “race en perdition” in France and has been. Between the club and the “greeders” we are going nowhere, fast man.

Yes, that is right. There is only one Barbet( haha), united we stand, divided we fall.

Freedom of speech?


I have updated the page with a letter at the top. It was a major hassel getting any info out of the breed club, and then they do wonder ( or at least I hope they do) why membership is down in “other” breeds. Your breedclub working for you? Youwho?Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuwhooooooooooooooo Anyone there?

I have also bee blocked from FB page, you never know. I may want to work on promoting myself some more.

2 down.It’s lonely out there.







Part of the BICP retrieving test( which we are NOT allowed to participate in in France) is a double retrieve in the hand. You can see Froguette out there fetching her first duck. She has to bring it out sit and hand it to me politely, then go back into the water and get the other one…Well, I had not prepared her for that since I seldom have 2 ducks at the same time. BUT, I do know she can retrieve 2 dummies ( objects, not people…) at the same time and I was worried she would try to do it here. To my great surprise, she saw them both decided on the closest one and brought it out then went back for the second one.

It was brilliant.I was so proud of her.