October 2014

BICP part 2 : landwork Gouy St André 2014


marthaGo west and discover the scenery and the sky! 6PM and the sky was really that dark. Dogs had spent the day in the car and needed to run a bit…They are not working, but relaxing and sniffing…


This is what we saw!



The next day was again very interesting( like last year’s working trials)…after the usual water work, we had an extremely nice and interested in the breed judge who was very supportive with the fact I was trying to see how far the Barbet could go. He saluted my initiative and we proceeded to see what the Barbet could do. This year, pointing in sugarbeets did not happen nor did she quarter, too much open space. BUT she got 4/4 for “nose” 4/4 for retrieving on land and was applauded by everyone watching…I was really happy about everything that happened that day! People were happy to see how new breeds could work. Refreshing positiveness


That is my Froguette!Watch her and her supernose!




BICP Gundogs (chiens d’arrêt) in Gouy St André 2014

So far…any dog can swim, many ( most?) dogs can retrieve out of water, what makes a Barbet different? Right now nothing. The Barbet is a chien de chasse so says the breed club. What proof do they have? Good question.



Where is the Barbet? Who really cares?

Who even knows what a Barbet is and does, in France, its home country?

NOT many. Here is Froguette…Does anyone honestly think that her curls ( or lack of) make a difference? NO.

So, now what? Madame la Présidente?

gouy10Can the Barbet point? The Barbet can retrieve, perhaps. Who can even prove it?

What is expected of the Barbet since it is “ONLY a WATERDOG”…hum.Not sure…

So cute so nice will save a breed?

Does coat color or curls really matter???


Barbets in Berck…plage!

We managed, after being on the road for 7 hours, to get to the beach before sunset. Lots of  sand….  I am most happy to not live in an area where it is sandy! Impossible to let dogs run on the beach because of the seagulls that were flying everywhere. Quite obviously, I have beed away from California for too long…A Barbet is not made for sandy beaches with seagulls. Argh! I would have liked for them to run in the waves, but that was not possible! Nice evening, it was, anyway! Beautiful scenery! French waterdog but not beach dog!




Heads and colors



More and more awareness leads to looking closer at the morphology ( head is very important along with tail) and some to color. However color being what it is, it is also attracting more to breed for that concept.Open curls, easy to manage. hair grows down on the head and not out. People are having such a hard time with the Barbet coat, there has to be a solution to make life easier for the dogs without constantly shaving them to the bone.




Doing what they also do best

Froggies ( French and Floirac) and Iabada- badoo…