September 2014

Barbet de chasse/Working gundog: Froguette



Floirac de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre  (aka Froguette) est le premier Barbet issu d’un élevage amateur français à avoir été dressée professionnellement pour devenir auxiliaire de chasse, terre et eau. Elle avait été sélectionné pour ses aptitudes naturelles pour le rapport et la quête. Elle a un excellent nez et adore travailler. Elle a passé plusieurs mois à faire un entrainement “endurance” ( courir 2k+, plusieurs fois par semaine), travail en eau de rapport et ensuite 15j de dressage pro ceci pour passer le BICP de ce jour: annulé. Nous devons maintenant en trouver un autre… ailleurs. Dommage, mais bon.C’est pour son plaisir et le mien de la voir s’éclater.Ca vaut tout l’or du monde.


Floirac de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre is the first Barbet born and raised in a France to have been professionally trained to become a working gundog, and retriever: land and water. She was selected for her natural retrieving instinct.She has an excellent nose and loves to work. She has spent several months endurance training ( running 2k+ several times a week) and waterwork, the professional training for 2 weeks to be able to do a BICP, which was cancelled. Now we need to find another one…elsewhere. Shame, but. It’s worth all the tea in China seeing her have a GREAT time for no reason, but to enjoy it.


Please bear in mind, they ABSOLUTELY MUST see. The coat is a MAJOR problem and certainly a/THE reason for the Barbet not making it as a continental working gundog breed.It will never become a working breed in France again…I am sorry to say, and the breed will die. I, myself am doing it to prove some (not all) Barbets are, with training, excellent working dogs (land and water) and “just” saying the Barbet is a working/gundog/retriever is false and misleading information. Then, I am doing it also for the memory of our Dear Georgy. Froguette has an excellent nose and loves what she does more than anything else.These dogs don’t exist just to make babies…but also to prove a point: they existed for a reason and that reason no longer exists so the breed will die. Onwards and forwards….?
Barbet_workingdog7That IS steam coming off her back. She really worked hard! She is ready!

Gloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre: 16 pups!

Barbet_Gloria_pupsGloria_Barbet2014This was 2 days ago, and then it happened!

16 pups were in there and 12 survived. There was black, but didn’t make it. Females:

6 dark brown/2 lighter brown/2 sand

Males: 1 brown/ 1 sand….. and voilà. Old colors coming back.

Look at the size of those teets!  Mom and pups are doing well and grand-ma and auntie Anne need to get some sleep!



Billabong du Pré de Rédy x Esprit de Bonté Ambeloui…

Billabong du Pré de Rédy, a very healthy nice looking sturdy, healthy male of excellent character, has been chosen to mate with Esprit de bonté Ambeloui. Billabong is a son of Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.

I am very happy about this…if fact…I am short of words… for more information!


Leonbergs galore!


This weekend in Cluny, Burgundy, France is the Specialty show for the Leonbergs.We wanted to do some socializing with big dogs and big dogs they were! Everywhere!

People from all over Europe were present, many Germans, Dutch and Belgians and all the different languages spoken. 300 dogs will be judged tomorrow. Imagine…

It takes place on a campsite and everyone is able to be together and do the different activities on the Saturday ( Tans et al). Many were catching up on the year’s activities since the last specialty show which takes place here every year, the best area to attract foreigners who just love coming back.

I was sorry we missed the parade through town with around 50 dogs walking up the main street of Cluny.

leonberg2leonberg3leonberg1leonberg4What is amazing is the fact they have hardly changed since the mid 1850’s! They used to be used very much like Newfoundlands…

They appeared very kind and obedient and curious to see our little tidbits!

Every dog is the best dog or how a breed degenerates*

* tout est bon dans le cochon…or so goes the expression!

In the Barbet breed, there has never been any type of selection by the French breed club (except curls). Many conscientious breeders do the selecting themselves for lack of any assistance, but in France, it’s basically a “free-for-all”.Who can outdo the next one? Then, don’t wonder why the Barbet can and does look like absolutely anything under the sun.



Vennie Girl posing for a “Hold” the apple…little dearie! Please don’t tell her…But I do really feel sorry for Georgy, who must be crying a lot, right now. >Dear Georgy. You could not have known.

Keep smiling…


When you think you’ve seen it all, heard it all and that, in its home country (and some, elsewheres), the Barbet breed had it the bottom, thanks to lies, attacks, backstabbing and too much self promotion by our national sans-culotte’s advertising, well think again.
The Barbet is a working gundog, but when asked, not one soul can say who are these working dogs and how they work. Everyone knows what a Barbet looks like, but no one can say how.
Result of the operation…The Lagotto in France now looks like a Barbet, the Barbet looks like a Poodle and our governing authorities are now showing us that what we thought could not get worse, can. The history of the breed done from net sources which are only French is so totally wrong it is laughable, and absurd and as has been the case for 30+ years , and anyone who get in the way of what is going on…gets the hatchet.

France is not the place to breed Barbets anymore…sad but true.Buy a Labradoodle…you won’t get hasseled by useful idiots trying to convince you an oversized shave poodle type  stud is THE dog to use. Really makes me want to vomit. Only one Barbet? If that were true, I would have bought another miniature white Poodle.

Make me want