August 2014

A nice visit from very caring people!


Some are extremely curly and some are not. However, the best combination I have found so far is that one. Mixing 2 extremely curly dogs together makes for a coat you can only keep shaved to the bones. A Barbet is not a question of coats, but genes! What will happen when they don’t exist anymore?

On the left Froguette and on the right Brenn ( Bounty) di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.

Bounty_GG_BarbetsWhat is really interesting is that Bounty and Guyguy have the same coat color. Completely different texture but they share Vincacao ( Bounty’s father) and Guyguy’s maternal grandfather. They are both the same age and are both graying from the rear. I have of course clipped a piece of Bounty’s coat ( not for dna..) but to compare “later”.Read more, ( 2nd letter)

At least I can’t be accused of doing dna on the Griffon Boulet ( extinct?), but what a ressemblance…bouletfor a close cousin!


Djimo has mated again!

Lovely little Prince Djimo has mated in Germany for the second time in a row. He carries with him his father’s heritage and I am extremely proud of that fact. A serve de la Chapelle  is always of stable, friendly character and so it goes they are well and as healthy as all the other studs around!

Bittersweet in those days, it was nice to help people achieve objectives and promote the breed. Nowadays, helping people is called self promotion and asking a question is called harrassing people. Mentalities have greatly evolved in the Barbet world, not for the best.

Internet certainly has not helped at all in bringing people closer together.

It’s now very difficult to obtain pictures of dogs since the diversity is sometimes so tremendous, people seem to be ashamed of showing them with lineage attached, but what we need is better brand promotion…and identification. No one will call this guy a Poodle…

yet he has some of the oldest Barbet blood that exists.


3 sisters…

I am extremely proud of this post because it shows how  3 sisters( Rosi/Arkanne/Coccolina) can ressemble each other or how progeny ( Coccolina is the only one who had puppies) not “can” but “DO” look like dogs in their pedigree.

Barbet_rosi1 Barbet_sis Barbet_momdaddaughter bb1

Again here you see 3 generations from the top to the bottom great-aunt (Rosi) to Coccolina’s grandson,D-litter Tufi between mom and dad, the line they belong to all is well identified,head,coat type, coat color, overall morphology. Despite Guyguy being very Poodley he contributed positively to the line (also thanks to his mom Thelma).You will see how they fit so perfectly well into the Italian line and further to the Marécages du Prince and back to Mrs Pêtre.

Sticking to objectives!


My objective was very simple when I started breeding in 2004. I just wanted to keep a line going. The line from Mrs Pêtre ( Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco) and Mr Rainier T Georgii who continued it. The Barbet ( of which there are 2 regardless of what professional breeders say) is a rare breed, but making it less rare is easy, make puppies and sell them.

More important than that is the point that brings confusion to neophytes( and there are many): the Barbet that is rare is not at all threatened with extinction. The “Vieux Barbet” is the one threatened with extinction!

So, people come regularly to see what my dogs look like, say “that’s exactly what I want” and turn around and buy a dog that is rare, certes, but has nothing to do with saving the breed from anything!

This is Soushong, born in 1981. He represents what I want to represent. If I cannot make dogs that look like him, there is not a point in breeding dogs. I have other things to do. Making prototypes or F1’s, I do not need them.

A Barbet is a dog with a long curly coat with loose curls, excellent character and that will grow not to 68 cms but not much more that 57/58 for a male. This dog will have a long coat and bear no ressemblance to a poodle, but to a Griffon, that is a French dog, too! He can swim, retrieve naturally andbe homogenous to his family.