May 12, 2014

Following the right example?

These were taken the other morning at 7am…we play sometimes when they want to and are ready and open to learn. Froguette on the left, Iabada Badoo in the middle and Vennie Girl on the right. Mission accomplished below…Good girls!

Barbet_apporte2 Barbet_apporte3

Froguette: 3rd 8th group in Charolles


Yesterday, Froguette was entered in the show in Charolles, France. She was the only Barbet there, which is always a shame to be alone. There were also 5 Lagottos entered. It was a “Spéciale”. The nicest part came at the end where she was selected as 3rd Best of Group after a Golden Retriever and a Cocker. She had not been any shows since 2011…because she likes hunting trials more than shows, (or so I thought)! So, she likes both and she can do both!

It was a very rainy and windy day, a lot of dogs barking up the storms throughout  the day, but she didn’t mind, and remained calm and relaxed, as a Barbet does. It was also her birthday, so she had a nice gift!

Special thoughts to her brother and family on this “Spéciale” day.