May 1, 2014

My wonderful Guyguy…

Barbet_BW10wksbI am always talking about how great Coccolina is, but it does take 2 to tango, and Guyguy has done pretty well on his side!

See for yourself!

Booly Wooly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre Born  20 April 2006 

     Shown here at 10 weeks old.


Eyes: OK+ 2014


59.5 cms 23k

TAN  eau : 28/10/06

BCE 3ème  cat 4/11/07

BCE 1ère cat 1/10/11

RCACS NE/Club Show Club du Barbet, lagotto et autres chiens d’eau 12/08/07

Champion de France 8/06/08

19 shows  14 different judges


1 BIS youth

4 BOB youth

6 CACS/1 RCACS/1 CAC Italy

4/6 on the SCC selection grid

Diploma TOP BARBET from  VOS CHIENS magazine 2008

(+ ) Healthy

Strong body and head; excellent teeth

Kind, gentle, playful. Not an aggressive bone in his body.Barbet_happyguyguy

(-) Bushy Poodle type coat

High tail

Not to be sire to a Poodle type female. ( due to coat type)=>best with open curls.coat_combination

Fathered 4 litters (30 pups), all healthy with an excellent balanced character:

– 2×6 Guide dogs of Paris due to his excellent character and even smooth temperament/ working ability.They cannot reproduce.

Grand-father to 43 (as of May 1 2014)

Fanny Forigoler, his daughter with Coccolina is French Champion TAN/BCE 1st cat.Barbet_fanny

Frankly Scarlet is Canadian champion(in post below)


As a pup/ posing/As a clown…and with  D litter pups (from Coccolina)


L: Booly Wooly and grand-pups








Djimo and pups 2014




A carbon copy of his dad, in all aspects! Djimo on the left and Booly Wooly below…





Best in Show: Lotus in Amiens, France

Lotus equalled what no one in Europe (except Jean Claude Hermans and his Esturgeonne) has ever accomplished in the show circuit…she won over all the breeds!

Lotus is a lovely female, white and brown ( going back to Barbet roots of Dr Vincenti’s Joyeuse) of a similar size who moves nicely and is shown to marvel, by her mistress, Anne. I would add that she is grand-daughter to Caya de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, whose mom is Coccolina! A heck of a pedigree…