March 2014

Fondation du Patrimoine 2014

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 The Barbet is not doing well in its own country. French people generally have no clue it exists.  The reason why I filed a dossier with the FONDATION DU PATRIMOINE is to draw attention to our poor breed as a gundog, waterdog and also a companion. I did not think we would get anywhere, BUT at least we are on the map, and I will continue to fight for the breed where the club does not, since they really have not a clue what to do with it.

I am honored to have received a nice medal and perhaps next year, we will get somewhere as I will continue as I have for years.

The breed lacks anyone being an expert on it at the breed club, and France overall being in the state it is…it’s just a reflection on the rest of what is happening in this country. It’s a mess politically for lack of anyone deciding to do anything to change anything and take any responsability, or ask for help. So, that leaves it wide open for other countries to take it over. Basically, the country… has no balls to do whit is necessary to put the country back on track. France has lost its grandeur and its splendeur and our leaders pretend all’s well. That sums it up. The club spirit: “all’s well, we’re winning”!


Back to roots: water!

Season has started again with” training” for  the pleasure of seeing them having a ball!


Vennie and Froggy

Vennie is more into accompanying than really working…but she does swim and dive. I am going to have to train her separately, so she holds her own!

Almost 12 years later…


As the story goes, Thelma’s breeder eventually said Vincacao was not her father because breeder did not like his flat coat and instead had used Ratafia a T.I ( Hercule x  Portuguese water dog, Maidi also known officially as Elsa dos Lusiadas). So, I lived with that in the back of my head for years and years and finally the truth is official. It  really was Vincacao. Next step, you will see when the time comes!

Vincacao was brother to the 2 monsters, as they were commontly called: Vetliner and Valençay….so they were also Thelma’s uncles! One can’t pick family, can one.

No game of chance: DNA and the SCC

I think I am the first Barbet “breeder” in France to be able to post DNA compatibility, as proof of my work since my first litter in 2006 (2 years of unsuccessful tries before that). I am extremely proud to be able to share my dogs’ DNA with you. Honesty and transparency is what I have always promoted and the fact that there are other breeds in the Barbet, but I have always been extremely clear on what my objectives were. So clear, that the other day I was asked what the % of Barbet blood was in a particular dog…

I did not wait for the SCC to launch their new program February 25th 2014 to start! I am however happy to see that it served a purpose!,673

Of course, some breeders (of any breed) will always find a way to convince their way to something non real professional, but tis ought to lower the risk.

My dogs have participated in research for the breed and along with that, I have always felt it was very important to attest to conformity to pedigrees and ancestry. I am very active in tracing ancestors and types as part of my work for the breed and it’s survival.

The Barbet is an extremely rare breed, especially in its home country: France. Of course, we had to find blood elsewhere or the breed would have imploded and degenerated a long time ago.The main objective is trying to work to keep the type, the old type in our case, and by that I mean the people working on the old type’s survival ( Vieux Barbet)



Next Vennie will be done, along with blood sampling sent to research.