January 15, 2014

I am so great.



We had a great laugh when we did this photo…I have never ever tried to promote myself when working for the Barbet. Yes, I do smile most of the time and laugh as often as I can at what goes on, despite it being real sad. I would have a real hard time in a mini skirt or a lowcut blouse, because I feel most uncomfortable that way and after all we are here to talk and promote Barbet…so here I am posing as one does. Do I have to try harder?

What do you think? So cute so nice?

More pretty pretty!



In Holland, these little Barbets are also making us proud of our choices made. This is a litter from Didi  and Cousteau von der Leibrücke. When we found out by chance that parents to these, were producing white and black, imagine how happt we were.

Cousteau is the son of Charly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre whom we visited not too long ago on the way up to Holland. He is doing well, indeed!

In passing, look at the nice big heads with square muzzles short neck and strong bodies, low set wide ears and from what I see nice tails.  I never said they were perfect, because that does not exist, but they are extremely appealing to the eye.

This is another reason why I have this passion of the Barbet for its past, and the most of the time, joys and friendships it provides when working with people who share a common goal.

Precision work

…From the day I drove to the Périgord Vert to see him, to last weekend, there has certainly been a lot of water under the bridge on this particular story. We have now been able to add another chapter after a lot of work, support and friendship over the years.



Ursus di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco

He was sitting there doing nothing and not getting along with the Irish terriers he was with. I had heard about it, so I drove there and saw him and then we put a plan into place to get him and send him to a place where he could have a nice life. Good thing Anne is always ready to hop on a plane. The suite was not real history but part of it and we have gotten past that episode, finally to the lovely photo below.



Working on the survival of an old breed ( old, meaning 1884 when the standard was written) is no easy feat, but now we have more and more memories of making history ourselves for the future  of the breedand our old age and our friendships.

2 females ( Nelum Himalis Enigma x Ursus di Barbochos di Reiau de Prouvenco) are now in France. Enigma as you know, is daughter to Compay, another story we are still laughing about; and Granddaughter to Coccolina who is a real gem of a girl with so many descendants all over the world I would be hard pressed to say how many. I can, tho, be sure that if they are anything like her, they are real treasures. More photos coming up!