December 2013

He’s a winner :Jump for joy and 2014!


Ch-Compay II de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre jumping for joy for what 2014 will bring!

Compay is an adorable, friendly, pleasant, extremely anxious to please type of dog. He was one of the first Barbets, since Akvavit with the white on the legs and since many have been born that way… He has a nice open curled coat easy to manage, which is definitely a plus and also very characteristic of the line. He became a French movie star, did great at shows.

Top Barbet 2010 ( ProPlan award) French Champion

 6 CACIB, 7 CACS, several BOB…

 He’s been in 3 TV shows (1 about the breed), and

is featured in several books and encyclopedias.

He is father to 13, grandfather to 66, great-grandfather to 9 with more on the way in Switzerland. Many of these pups have that very typical big head that is  a very  recognizable trait for the line and of course, the white paws that go back to at least 1981 with lovely Soushong, pictured below.


     He and his siblings have also produced white and black and sand in colors.

                                   Happy New year Compay, and many more!


The phrase, ‘What goes around comes around, ‘ is the American definition for Karma. Karma basically means becoming the decider of your own destiny. According to this law, every action has consequences, whether positive or negative, depending upon the quality of the action….

International alliances and organisations are helping some to advance their collective security,  economic interests and  values….nothing to do with basic claims that attract oooooooooooohs and aahhhhhhhhhhhhsss of their social network fans.

It is no fun at all having to fight for the survival of a rare breed,  against some who only attach a financial value to each dog produced’s head and be the bad guy all the time.

Very unfortunate that I am the only one in France, having done thorough research on the Barbet and  fighting for the survival of the breed. Most of the information being in French, interpretations of even one word change according to a country’s decision on what they want it to mean.

I will explain that in a further post, but will give you a little example:

The Sportsman’s Cabinet, in 1803 is talking about an unshaved and rather short-headed Poodle …and NOT a Barbet!( Illustrated Book of the dog by Vero Shaw, in 1881)

Very nice that in other countries, some have joined the fight and are supportive by their actions. It’s hard all the time, rewarding when I can find a bit of info I’ve been searching for, for a long time and gratifying when what I have been doing for almost 10 years now, starts to pay off.

Must say, I read with a grain of salt added and am tickled pink, that a club abroad was going under…what a shame.

I guess that what goes around comes around…all a question of Karma. Expecting more good news in 2014.


From Belley, France to Sammamish, Washington USA…


Boone, Boone, Boone… On Dec 26 2013…and when he was only a few weeks old, living in Belley, France.


He went from Belley to Mâcon, to a new owner who could not give him the attention he needed. He ended up in the south of the USA where he was waiting for his mom to come home and to make a real long story short he was adopted by a loving couple who drove across the USA to get him…

Yes, you feel old thinking that you’ve followed a dog ( not of my production) and his welfare for almost 8 years. I am proud he is doing well where he is…I get news regularly and they are very much appreciated.
I also was asked to keep La Lula, his sister ( Bepop) til she went to the UK at 1 year of age. Thiose were extremely busy days. Having all those dogs around just commes so naturally!

She was treated just like she was in the family, went to shows, got her TAN…

bepop_jen bepopback1 bepop_ne2

Here shown with Jennifer and her owner; with Guyguy in the middle and with me at a show….I was close to that entire litter since I placed most of them in 48 hours for 150€ each…imagine that happening today! The person who had had the litter was expecting them to be taken in a minute when they were born and it did not happen( still does not). Imagine how things have changed when now you can pay up to 2100€ for a pup!

        What a nice souvenir to keep in touch with all these Barbet lovers…people working so hard for the breed and its survival.

Déjà vue? Yep.


This is Guyuguy with Froguette ( Floirac Déjà Vue) and as history repeats itself, if you go to the link you will see Guyguy and his mom Thelma…

This is the photo that got borrowed for the book about hunting dogs that was written in Austria in 2009.



I was always hoping one of the girls born here would mate with Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco after having him confirmed in France in my name to save him et al, but it didn’t happen which cast a doubt on his competences and we know how that goes round. After he mated with Manon Lescaut, hope came back and he proved himself with Abaya, again; which confirmed he was a “real” stud. He  had proved his worth also with Braise who has now a lovely line in Canada, that was  not without any hassels again given us by the same people in swissland breeding committee. His first mating which was brushed off by said swiss breeding committee was a severe blow to the old breed and yes, they did their best . It has taken years to bounce back, but bounce back we have with determination, conviction and support.

The 2  oldest studs left of the “old lines” are sort of making up for almost lost time!

Hard to believe that people working for the breed have left 3 pups males available from Ulysse and Ursus combined where it seems they should have been taken up in a flash, but, stranger things have happened.

These guys are getting up there in age, but at least now we can rest assured they will leave their pawprints on the breed and Georgy, who is probably looking at what’s going on ( good and bad) is probably smiling away…with all of our beloved dogs in heaven.

Feast for your eyes…10 pups born in The Netherlands!

Didi and Cousteau von der Leibrücke are the proud parents of a litter of 10. Born at Kennel Outdoors. Mom is doing very well!

6 black with more or less white………..and 4 pied.( 7 males/3 females)


Cousteau’s dad Charly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre is a proud grandfather and imagine how I feel.


What a responsible breeder does and is.

Many of us do everything the video is about. It’s not easy work, in fact it’s extremely difficult and time consuming. Moreso, when you are working with a rare breed. As I recently said in an article I wrote in French, “had I known how hard it would be with people: other breeders and some owners, not the dogs, I would never have done it.”

We all make mistakes when we sell pups to people because we are dealing with people who are not always are what they say they are and we end up regretting bitterly having sold them a pup. We pay those kinds of mistakes cash.

Anyway, we do meet a few nice and wonderful people to make it worthwhile, people who give you dogs for free who exchange information, exchange dogs, understand what we have to go through and do their best… .