June 2013

…..And in no time flat: Georgia’s litter coming up in Poland!



Georgia was named after Rainier T Georgii to honor his name. He passed on 2 years ago this week and we miss him, his sense of humour and his love for our breed.

Georgia’s mate Borée was selected after careful study of the pedigrees to come back as close as possible to the old breed characteristics( as opposed to being imposed a mate as it goes in Switzerland). We’re counting the days!

Vincacao: grandfather and Coccolina great grandmother again!

Ela Samba gave birth to  a big Coccolina type litter  in Switzerland. Looking back to her mom’s litter…whilst waiting for photos!Coccolina being her mom, it is not surprising!

This is Che and Vincacao in Tarascon. Mrs Pêtre had put a nice bow on him to celebrate the mating. (Vin)Cacao is now the only V- litter still alive today, son of Sangria.  He is in his 15th year.Che’s litter…so long ago, it seems!

Barbet_Chelitter1Nice big heads, not so curly. You can see  when they are born which are curly and which are not. Nice square muzzel.


Barbet_Chelitter2                                                          Some real curlies!

For Ela’s litter in Switzerland:



Pulling the wooly’s leg


There’s a name for this, I believe…They are Booly Wooly’s descendants, too but they are not all 3 from the same mother, nor were they born the same day, I say…Are you allowed to do this legally?Answer is no. I am not promoting this litter (these litters) by any stretch. I am just saying you don’t mix dogs “just” to have births. And promoting them on the same site I am selling a bed on and then saying new owners are “selected”. I can’t go for that just like when Vera de la perte aux loups was promoted on Kijiji in the Netherlands….and there was an uproar.Photo has been modified since…

Good day, sunshine in Semur en Auxois

Male working class/ CACS BOB

“Masculine, very nice masculine head, exc muzzle, ears well attached, good length, powerful neck; excellent length of back, nice chest, typical coat, excellent hindquarters, nice movement”.



Vennie was a real trooper!Vennie_Semur2013
Pretty female, well proportionned, feminine head, excellent eye, shape and color, nice overall body, excellent coat texture for her age, very good hindquarters, already very mu much at ease in her gait”.


Well, it looks like we are getting somewhere…! Finally!


This information be it really real, ought to put an end to some’s accusations on dogs here and there to eradicate an line of Barbets or more if possible, by slandering  in private pages of some social media we all know, and on Club websites managed by incompetent owners or newbie pseudo breeders of our poor breed.

Ours is not to ereason why? Or is it?