May 22, 2013

It’s sooooooooo important to mix lines, she says.

Out of the last 10 litters announced on a website:

7 in Europe and 3 in NA,

6 are with a dog from one breeder’s line. The 7th escaped.

Genetic diversity, you say? Possible as long as they are mine, she says.

It is important to state only facts. 10 litters. 7 in Europe, 3 in NA.

Room for all? Mathematics are mathematics, they do not leave room for discussions.

Darn just forgot, there’s one more coming up. Guess who with?

You goooooooot it.


French Championship in Marseille…3 entries.

Not La baraka, eh. When you consider that this could be almost as important as the Club Specialty!





  12 H 10





  12 H 20


Will be interesting to see how this goes since there are probably radically different sizes…

2 years ago in Paris, there were…34 entries, of which 11 were my own dogs or dogs born here( so that’s 1/3…yes, you CAN count).As a matter of fact, the same as the WDS because I was there as usual, to support the breed, not win.The WDS judge did/does not like me, so it was obvious I would get thrashed, oh sorry, not me, my dogs. Run to tell the person…He will certainly say that I am right. 500€ or so it cost me; to get my dogs insulted, par for the course! No one can say I am trying to sell dogs or place all my males as studs, eh.

A difference on 22, yes, I can count. If you have the catalog, have a look and see who did not sign up because the judge was unknown to battalion.So cute!