May 18, 2013

2 of my pillars


Guyguy, Froggy and Compay are my great dudes…they all get along extremely well! Shame I can’t take 3 males for a walk anymore, they are a bit too strong to handle all together and since I went flying a year ago, I am more careful. Someone once said the were “commando” walks with all 6 of them. That was a rare funny thing that person ever said, but true.Now, I walk more and rotate pairs.

Koi in Swedish show…with better weather than us!


Koi, whose real name is Clyde Jr ( son of Cooper de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre) and a lovely Clayhill girl, got an excellent today at the show he attended.Look at how happy he is to make his mistress happy. You can read his face for the compliment the judge has just given him/her!