May 9, 2013

Ya got it or ya don’t.


Habibi von der Leibrücke, 2.5 mos ( aka Hélios)

Some people who think they are so special and think they can rule the world still can’t influence everything around them.

Booly Wooly retrieved out of deep water at 3 months ( after his shots), Helios was able to retrieve from a very nice large puddle across the flooded road ( clean water) at 2.5 months.Sooooooooooooooo, I say.

I do pray this little guy grows up to be just like my Guyguy ( hold the poodley look and the height, but leave the rest!). If he is and can and does, then we all will be blessed.


Always good to reread rules and regulations and etiquette

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Jean Claude Hermans, in his Barbet club bulletins always had a wry word or 2 about a judge who liked a dog he didn’t. Clubs or people holing powerful positions in a country select the judges they want to use on the basis of many basises…Some good, some less good reasons. That tradition, unfortunately, lives on. Amazing how a position of power over all gives you wings to fly higher, use media and photos to slander people, whomever they may be: breeders or even judges.I never thought I would see it in real print available to all.