April 2013

Is it live or is it Memorex?

Many years ago, there was a very famous commercial in the USA, “Is it live or is it Memorex?“. It became an expression for something a bit incredible. Here, we are also paying a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald who recently celebrated ( were she still a-live) her 100th birthday…


When I saw this photo, 2 thoughts jumped to my mind:

Is that a real dog and the polka dogs ( oops, dots) on the woman’s dress, hum…? It led me back to the connection: dogs + polka dots, and a comment  made by a person who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth after 20+ years of Barbetting  and how some interpret the standard who have no care for aesthetics, morphology or genetic diversity.She said it and I may still even have it in an email!

2nd point: the color…That is an “old” poodle color before they selected it out of the French standard. It’s just like the parti-Poodle and Portuguese Water Dog color- white and black banned also from French Poodle standard. These 2 colors exist all over the world and in France, the pups born “that” way are most probably culled to make sure they don’t reproduce. Culled means taking them to the vet, for that fatal shot OR throwing them against a wall to kill them as I have heard it being done by some breeder in France.

Conclusion: this is a real poodle, yes…and the colors we see in some Barbets is one of the colors that is supposedly on the list to be banned in the next standard modification that was going to be discussed last year at the symposium..it was of course more interesting to ask stupid questions from illiterates like : is the Barbet a Griffon? or how does a barbet become a champion!?

Are you following me? I am having a hard time myself following the logic of the Barbet being a rustic breed and not being selected for color( or size, for that matter) since it is such a fragile breed……

Wait for the day the club gets influenced as it has been recently, to include polka dots and wait to see how fast we have barbets with polka dots!

For some culture:


“Poil à gratter” in French, or Rosa canina in English..

It sort of loses in the translation and over the centuries, wars have been started when people don’t understand each other. You need not examples, just look around you! FB communication is another…with translations that mean nothing.

So….why this? It’s all about habitual transparence, and how people flaunt what they have not achieved, which led to…Barbets_froggy_froguette_irfan

… a very humorous exchange between several of us this weekend…It’s a bit difficult to explain the expression “donner du poil à gratter à quelqu’un”, meaning keep them busy enough trying to find a solution to a situation (so they will shut up for a while)!

I will use the typical expression used in our Barbet world by yours ever so truly, meaning not me…”People who need to know, know”.End of conversation.

I love to play with words in both languages, as you know, but I am not sure many will understand other than the “useful idiots”* involved in this particular affair.

So let’s play with rosa canina soap…do you think it’s useful to lather up the coat when cutting it? Do you think we should only use scissors, or  perhaps an artsy blade to trim?




Hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo from Tarascon!

So……..you don’t start a sentence with a conclusion, but seeing that Poppenspaler’s Valencay and Vodka have just both gone to doggie-heaven and that you never know who could go next, I thought it was time to head south for lunch with my friends, Mrs Pêtre and her family and see Vincacao again.
Vincacao is the father of my Thelma,and also of lovely Ela Samba who lives in Switzerland and was just mated to a dog who has Vodka in his pedigree! Hopefully the Vodkas will come through:the boomerang effect!

Round trip in one day, since I have to leave some of mine at home…it has become a habit to go for lunch, chit chat and head home.

Soooooooooooooooooo, from left to right: Thelma, daughter of Vincacao, Vincacao, in front Vennie ( so Cacao is her great grandmother’s brother, so her great great uncle on one side and great great grandfather ot the other!)( correct me if I am wrong)
French, whom Mrs P said he was too tall at 59, but he looked real nice and of course Guyguy who looked like he felt: the odd dog out. Poor Guyguy, I did insist on the fact that when he was mated properly, he made some really nice Barbets.

Bresse’s 8th wonder arrived safely.

Habibi von der Leibrücke, aka Helios…Jennifer’s new Barbet pup arrived safely yesterday from the Netherlands. It has been an extremely long wait to select “just” the right one!
He walked in the door…met everyone slowly and had no problems with anything or anyone.Barbet_Helios3
We had a wait a while for him to fizz out a little after spending 10 hours in the car!

Not even one pipi in the house at 8 weeks, I say bravo Walda and Henk!

They do like my couch covers!


Here’s looking at you….

Now, for the rest of them: Jennifer being Compay’s friend( more than the others since he has stayed with her several times), he seemed a bit jealous of his grandson. He was reassured after a while and was in love again.Barbet_Helios_Compay


Compay, his grandson and Coccolina looking at her great-grandson….That amazes me…
I think it always will to see 5 generations alive and doing so well.


You can’t see all of them, but there are 8…

Cooperation with a capital C to save a rare Barbet bloodline.


Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco. As you may or may not know, Ulysse has been forbidden to reproduce in Switzerland for lack of tight curls. So, after he was born in France, moved to Switzerland, not allowed to reproduce, we had to go through the whole rigomerall to get him confirmed in France so that one of the last true Barbets in the world could continue to be used…Let me tell you…so much adversity, but when you look at the results: you say and I hear you agree with me ” WOW, It was worth it”. Ulysse is in his 10th year and he is very healthy, contrary to what is printed in some media.

Like father like daughter, like the rest of his line?!


A no comment, just feast your eyes photo.


Yes, you have seen those faces before: Beauté di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, who never reproduced. She is dead now, as she was killed by a boar. Yes, you read it right.

I think my dear friend, Mrs Ezia Zagone has made her point, hasn’t she. This is the first time these photos are out. What is important here is that all pups look alike when they are small( like in many breeds). We know that.  They have to grow a bit to show their morphology and breed chracteristics. Not easy to do when they often disappear after being placed. This way, the breeder controls the entire chain of command, so to speak.

I think we can see the point made here. A heck of a lot of work….

A Barbet line to be continued, now that it has shown its many talents!

Bravo dearest Ezia and the Corte dei Berberi Barbets.

Blast of a past…


Looking back at past events: this particular one dates back as it says to 2001. I’m on the left with Molly. Lots of water under the Barbet rainbow bridge. I just found out recently that R Monza had gone to doggy heaven at age 12. Molly died at age 4 and Jerry who was rather old is gone, too. Not a clue about the others.

Thinking about that particular kennel, other than R Mohican* who did his job for the breed, the females were not very lucky. At the time, most everything was kept hush hush and if a line was sterile, no one needed to know and we made sure no one knew IF it were the case… and we didn’t have to erase faces off photos.
Now, people are up in arms for the slightest bit of humour, meaning these days, there’s a lot of people taking themselves more seriously?

*What’s even funnier, is that they kept Mohican because he was not curly enough to be had by anyone ( dixit an old email)! Imagine….today. What goes around, comes back around?

Another Barbet close to my heart…

Barbet_Lalula You may or may not remember…Bepop spent 10 months here in Bâgé before heading to the UK back in 2006. I was sent this photo which again, brings back a lot of souvenirs. Lalula which is the song her name came from was a sweetie. She is shown here next to my Guyguy who was just a few months old….they were great playmates.
Bepop just gave birth to a litter of 7 in the UK at Novaforesta Barbets.Time flies!