Allow me a little cackle…

So, as the other one says..I have hunting dogs but don’t even have my hunting licence…..well, it is a crying shame because my dogs are awesome on land and in water..what about the others’? Can they do the same right off the cuff in their backyard set up with nettles and thick bramble?

Barbets en Bresse..what else.

A sad day, indeed.


The Uungarongaro x Coccolina mating was probably the most important mating in the Barbet world. It gave Coccolina access to the 5/6 SCC selection grid. That honor has never been reached by any Barbet. It brought colors to the breed that had not been seen for several decades…and he lived a healthy life til the end.
Of course he will be missed, by his owners, and those who are lucky enough to have him in their pedigree.
His contribution to the breed was ENORMOUS. He has many descendants.

If you have pictures of his progeny, we are putting a tribute together for him. I would greatly appreciate receiving photos you are willing to share for his owners.

Thank you in advance.

Remain silent? NEVER.

I refuse to remain silent.. I will continue what I have started, that may be against all odds and accusations with have nothing to do with the breed. I have proved my dogs’ worth and for the rest…do better than me?! Then we will talk, eye to eye.

Why are my sites in English ( and have been since 2006?) because not a soul cares about the breed and its real history, not based on myths…It says so in the article below. No comment.

Facts to facts.EYE TO EYE…not more not less.

Thanks to my angels for their help and support…