Happy 5th birthday…

Coccolina’s last litter in 2011: a sampling of what they have become!I admit that I am extremely proud of all of them. They are all happy and healthy.

Barbets in France-9


Granada, called Lotte in the Netherlands…a family pet








Gloria in Finland is Finnish Champion/Norwegian Champion/Nordic Champion/Baltic Champion and Working cert.She has the most titles of all of my Barbets…







Georgia is Polish Champion



Gatsby is Guide dog for the blind in Lyon




Georgy is living a happy life in Tunisia.


Ye ol’ whistle blower.

( lanceur d’alerte… “à la mode”)…This is what I have been doing for over 10 years now. Most do not appreciate it, so I just keep ploughing away and hope for the best, which is never going to happen. It’s taking much too long to do too little for our breed. Watch the video, replace Doberman with Barbet. If you are anything like me, I cried because I knwe what you happen before it did and my dogs ran over to comfort me…and see what was going on.Bless them.


Ela’s litter growing in Switzerland

Cute video of the pups..and yound Delwy wanting to play with the pups. She is alwo a daughter of Ela Samba( de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre)




Mother and daughter, in Poland..;and a mating annoucement

Barbet_Coccilina_pointing2016Right: Mom, Grandmother, and soon to be great -grandmother Coccolina. Below:
Georgia_BarbetIla_BarbetLovely duette of mother on the right and daughter on the left. Georgia de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and   Ila…with a wonderful announcement coming up:



What a difference a year makes.

garden6After last year’s scandalous treatment I was reserved and set up for at the Game Fair, I decided that I would nevergarden1 ever have anything to do with those people…Since then, I have had more time, for other more important “things” than dragging my dogs around dogs shows, and driving all over creation to do working tests, for the promotion of a dying breed in its home country.  My name is generally cited as not being a member of the club anymore, and I must admit, I am rather proud of it. I don’t need them as they never did anything for the breed..and what I have accomplished has been without them.

 garden2Now, I am free…and happy!


My tomates…

 garden3 garden5

Haley’s babies

haley-barbet2016a haley-barbet2016b haley-barbet2016c











This lovely litter represents a 5th generation for Ermengarda/Coccolina and it is wonderful to see how generations continue a line. Haley/Maj von der Lebrücke is in the Netherlands at Kennel von der Leibrücke. All are doing well !


The stupid things you hear sometimes…

Barbet_haireyesThe Barbet needs to have hair over the eyes, so he cannot see…in order to protect him from the reeds in water ( I guess they jump out at him?!) and also to protect him from thorns…I never knew there were thorns in water. Working on my learning curve…Iabada_Barbet_reedAs you see..they don’t need to have their eyes covered to protect them, but their body.Perhaps some overalls ought to do it…for a rustic  dog…?The things you hear sometimes, do make you wonder.

Baltic champion, too!

Gloria_BalticChampionGloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, Baltic champion among other championships…We are all proud of her success and thank you Sirkka for your hardwork.

Gloria is a lovely girl with “natural working instinct” and has the tests to prove so…she is lovely and also a very nice looking girl!